Movies, series, and documentaries that are on Netflix Watch the most subscribers via a smartphone, tablet or computer, but it is also possible to receive Netflix on TV. That is of course to be the most beautiful and relaxing. Nice to sit on the couch and look at your flat. We get almost daily questions within how you can get the easiest connection to your television. To answer these issues we, have put together a list all the options for you. Additionally, we also asked you for help, to show how you see yourself at Netflix.

In recent months, we have asked you how you to Netflix watching on television. Thousands of visitors let us know how they looked on TV to Netflix; via Apple TV, Chromecast HDMI cable TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and other game console or another device. The results were revealing. It is clear that many people opt for the cheapest option: the direct connection of an HDMI cable for example between your PC and laptop and television. Behind them come the Apple TV (one in five people) and Chromecast (one in six people). Thus, these media players are by far the most popular devices for obtaining Netflix on TV. The consoles are often used for Netflix on TV. The PlayStation app is for instance very easy to use.

Watching Netflix on TV

Apple TV

As indicated, the media players are frequently used. The best known is the Apple TV. Through this small device from Apple is very accessible to your movie you watch on TV via Netflix. Apple TV is a media streamer that you connect to your TV via an HDMI cable. Since September 2015 has been the Apple TV 4 on the market and, of course, is the fourth generation adapted to receive Netflix on TV.

Once you have connected the Apple TV to your TV, you can directly access the Netflix application. The Apple TV is provided a remote control that lets you operate the app. Next, you need to log in once to your Netflix account and then you can quickly scroll through the menu. And so you have Netflix on TV! Captions you can turn quickly with the remote control Apple TV. By holding the round button, you switch the subtitles on or off. In addition to Netflix, you can do with other Apple products, other files to Apple TV streaming and playback. For example, holiday movies and photos you’ve taken with your iPhone. The Apple TV will cost 79 euros.


Chromecast is Google’s version of Apple TV, and especially a lot cheaper. Also, you do not need HDMI cable, because it is built into the mini device. Since April 21, 2014, to buy the Chromecast in the Netherlands via various online shops, where for example, can be paid with PayPal. In September 2015 the new version of the Chromecast was launched Chromecast 2, with a new look.

If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, Chromecast can be an excellent solution to get Netflix on TV. Chromecast is a small dongle that fits in your hand. The tip has an HDMI output, which you must place on the television. For the current you can use a USB port on your television. Then the Chromecast therefore if you are on TV. The alternative is to connect it to a power outlet.

A quick installation, you can control the Chromecast from your tablet, laptop or smartphone. You launch the Netflix app and select a movie or series. In the Netflix app on your smartphone/tablet is a button (see image) which can then stream to the TV. From that point, you can Android device use again for other things, such as Whatsapp or composing a mail. A significant advantage of the Chromecast is that it only costs a few bucks and still delivers good quality Netflix on TV!

The Cheapest Option

More reasonable solution to play Netflix on your TV is to purchase an HDMI cable. You can, for example, connect the HDMI cable to your laptop and then the other end to the TV. The prices of HDMI cables vary widely. You have very expensive cables, but also good affordable cables.

What is a disadvantage of using HDMI cables to get Netflix on your TV that you can make your laptop no use while watching such as a movie? When Chromecast example, though. You then use Although your phone or tablet, but once you turn on the Chromecast takes this device the task of playing on the phone or tablet.

Talking about the shipping container homes is always interesting. Well, it is because nowadays, shipping container can be the nice choice when people want to build the simple and alternative home to stay or to enjoy their holiday. There are many kinds of the nice home using the shipping container as the basic material, which can be the inspiration. Now, we will talk about the way in building it, especially when you want to have the cheap container home.

Shipping Container Homes

Finding the best container as needed

For the first matter, we need to find the best shipping container before building our favorite home. Of course, the detail kind of the shipping container will influence the process and the result of it. Here, the first way you need to do is deciding the condition of the shipping container. When you choose the new one, it will has no problem. In other hand, when you choose the used one, you need to think about its appearance, its paint and others.

In other hand, it is also important for you to see the detail of the size of container. There are several kinds of the size of shipping container, which you need to consider before building your shipping container homes. Of course, it is nice for you to consider the large of the container. The large of it will influence the space you will have in your home. Several kinds of the size of container, which is available in the market, are 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft. Please be wise in choosing it.

Building home using container

Now, let us see some tips when you want to build your home using shipping container. The first matter of it, which you need to do, is considering the theme of it. The theme of building home will influence the result of your project. It is nice for you to make some comparisons between some themes, such as the traditional theme or modern theme. Of course, when you want to upgrade the condition of your home, the modern is the best choice.

In other hand, it will be nice for you to combine some ideas of it. I am sure that in the project of building the shipping container homes, you will need some containers there. Yes, it is reasonable because people need different space for their home. In this matter, it is important for you to be creative in combining the kinds of it. The way you add the door, window or even editing the appearance of the container will influence the finishing result of it.

Of course, you can forget about the finishing matter in building your shipping container as your home. It is nice for you to renew the paint of it. In whole, paint will create the sense of home decoration. Many kinds of the paints are available and it can be the great choice for you. Please be creative and if it is needed, you can ask the expert to help you there.

Netflix and Disney

Netflix does not conform with participating in the contest of video on demand platforms, Netflix launched to ensure leadership that already has heads. In this competition, this service is the rival to beat the enemy that everyone want to stand up but still can’t. And it is that Netflix competes strong. Today, without going any further, it has been confirmed an exclusive agreement with Disney that will bring you much joy.

This agreement between Netflix and the giant Disney will allow platform to broadcast the latest films from Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel from September 2016. Netflix could not imagine an agreement more potent than this one, which will grant the exclusivity of a large part of the most important films in the market.

Netflix has been commissioned to confirm the news through a statement on his official website that warns us that we must prepare ourselves for this summer. “Netflix will become of pay television in the United States for the latest Disney movies”, specifies the platform in the note.

Yes, this contract is only for United States, so the rest of the world will not benefit from this important agreement. This single contract affects also the films that premiere from September 2016, so previous Disney productions will not be exclusive of Netflix.

In the same statement, Netflix has confirmed some of their summer releases:

  • June: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Jurassic Park 3 (June 1), Spotlight (June 22) and The Fundamentals of Caring (24 June).
  • July: The Big Short (July 6), Brahman Naman (7 July), Tallulah (July 29) and the classic back to the future and lethal weapon.
  • August: The Little Prince, The Fast & The Furious, The Wedding Plannet and St. Vincent.
  • September: In addition to begin its agreement with Disney, Netflix launched in this month movies of self-produced as Mascots and War Machine.

YouTube, Amazon Prime… There are several companies who have tried to take users to a Netflix has confirmed recently its global launch, accompanied several days later by the premiere of Fast, a very useful tool that allows its subscribers to measure internet speed.

With this great deal Netflix claims to be the holder exclusive of a large part of the audiovisual industry, something that surely will affect their benefits starting in September. Do you think that Netflix will yield some movie to other streaming services or reserves all rights?

Summoners War for PC

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an adventure game in which you will fight for magical crystals by invoking various monsters. This is a free game very demanding strategy that exists on iPhone, Android, Tablet and iPad. It is a game which is published in several languages including French, English, Russian, etc. this game is an RPG whose fights are in turn in a Final Fantasy style that connoisseurs will appreciate, in which players have the opportunity to involve more than 400 different types of monsters during the clashes to help them win.

You also have an automatic mode that allows you to release your monsters in simple battles without major issues. You’ll have to decorate your village and explore the dungeons and the countryside in search of red crystals and other surprises. The graphics Summoners War: Sky Arena is breathtaking. This is where 3D graphics are spectacular epic battles.

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an Android-based adventure game in which you will fight to get magical crystals by invoking various monsters. Remember that this game is only Mobile Android, but it is possible to install it on a PC with Bluestacks.

Discover an impressive adventure in this magical fighting game that you will long in suspense. Summoners War: Sky Arena takes you into a world where magic reigns and you can use the summoners war hack tool to gains up powers of each of the characters to defend yourself.

You can release over 400 types of different monsters that you can then improve to help you during your battles. Collect jewels, rolls and many other valuables that you advance in the game and face several enemies. Try to win your fight to win lots of money.

First you must download and install the emulator Bluestacks before installing Summoners War: Sky Arena on your PC. Then, search the Bluestacks search bar the name of this tool, download and install it. Once installed, start playing on your PC.


HBO streaming service

We are sure that you have already read some news indicating that HBO, the US streaming service, was considering its arrival to Spain for this year. Well, these rumours have been confirmed today, and we can already say that HBO may be in our country safely.

Vodafone plays a critical role in this arrival, since it will be the company responsible for introducing this streaming service in its television offering. Vodafone customers can enjoy HBO Spain, name that will receive the service in our territory.

HBO Spain offer will keep its characteristic catalogue of quality where we can find some of the most successful productions today: game of thrones, Silicon Valley, True Detective or Veep. HBO has become over the years one of the most important audiovisual producers in the world and shows it this offer.

The news of the arrival of HBO was confirmed at the beginning of this year, indicating that it would be available during the 2016. However, we have been several months waiting for more data that will see it was something real. The operator still did not want to specify what will be the price of HBO Spain nor all the programming lineup, although Yes it has ensured that the service will have content from other producers.


Vodafone customers may have HBO Spain not only by Vodafone TV, but also through their tablets, computers and mobile devices.

The future presence of HBO in Spain will cause a conflict for the licenses of the series Star of the chain, such as for example game of Thrones. Movistar + currently holds the rights to this series to broadcast it in our country and thus will remain safely; HBO will have to limit itself to bid the previous seasons.

Vodafone repeats the move

This is not the first occasion in which Vodafone Spain agrees with a streaming service to include it on your television. The last September, Vodafone announced that its customers could enjoy Netflix on their televisions taking advantage of the arrival of this platform in Spain. The company is aware of the importance that are acquiring these services at present and has decided to join with them to improve their offer.

Vodafone repeats the move and support the landing of HBO in our country. How do you think that it will be the response of the Spanish to this new streaming service?

Clash Of King Hack Free Gold

Clash of Kings is a very good game available for iOS and Android. In this game you have to fight to build an empire and controlling seven fantasy realms! Explore the fantasy world as you attack enemies and build the defense of the castle, becoming one of the most powerful heroes! All this is a bit hard and time consuming. If you use our hacking tool, you’ll have unlimited resources to devote your kingdom. Very easy, in moments with just a few clicks, you’ll have everything you need to build the biggest empire.

If you like this game and want to hack, has the perfect solution for you. Clash of Kings Hack for Android and iOS is released and is ready to download. The safety Clash of Kings Hack tool for Android and iOS with Antiban System Protection.

This hack features make our 100% secure and safe to use. You will receive updates for this hack each time we publish. Our Clash of King Hack tool can be used for all versions of the game, simply select your Android / iOS platform when you run the hack. You can download the clash of king hack tool on the button below and start building the strongest empire. Enjoy!

Clash of Kings Hack tool For Android and iOS Features:

The Clash Of Kings game speaks well of free features, but it is obvious that if you let others invest money to buy gold, wood or stones, you will have only tiny chance to be part of the most formidable empires of the seven empires. We therefore offer a great alternative, with our unlimited resources generator Clash Of Kings. Thus, available on our website, you no longer worry about how much gold you have left, or if you still have the wood, wheat, steel constructions for your and your various improvements. We offer a limitless resource generator that offers an abundance of gold and wood, wheat in large quantities. You will have nothing to install, because the generator will take care of providing you the amount of your choice including gold, but also wheat, steel, stones. And this service is completely free. In addition, we have a system to help you avoid banishment from the game because having sufficient resources is one thing, but would it be able to enjoy. Thus, with the unlimited resources generator, you build your empire without any pressure. You will raise a powerful army that will sweep everything in its path, and you will bring eternal glory without you empty it your bank account.

How to use Clash of Kings Hack for Android & iOS?

1. Download Clash of Kings Hack tool
2. Connect your device via USB or WiFi
3. Select your platform and click on the Connect to Server button
4. Select how you can use your hack
5. Enable Proxy and Ban Anti systems
6. Click the Start button to Generate

Today, you’ll be able to almost anything we wish or need to buy online, and artwork is obviously no exclusion. With a large number of original talent artists to attain their ideal audience online, nowadays there are many excellent sites this fascinating and beautiful original art for anybody who would like to make a purchase.

Why You Should Consider Buying Paintings Online

There’s always online bargain – like the fact that you truly have to hold back for that before you if you cann’t really assess it or not – but there’s also many advantages. Below are a few explanations why to buy images online the proper way so that you can find the perfect masterpiece of design.

The first reason the images is to buy online is a superb idea is that you would like something that basically meets your preferences and preferences, which are generally an musician that you’ll often never attained. Much like all online shopping, you will get things online that are simply just not available inside our environment, which is the same for artists and art that people love.

It is possible to search various collections of web discover and pages artists offering themes and styles, such as lifes still, portraits, landscapes plus much more, depending on what we wish. Before, to find fine art that people liked was a lot more complicated, we’d to go to our galleries and especially to start to see the art work boutiques – this is no more the case.

Another great good thing about the technique of shopping for online is the fact it hasn’t been better to make a purchase. As stated above, the creative artwork of shopping for, we prefer to visit actually contained in the landscape visited buy it, or order it by artists after we learned specially. Well, it is merely a matter of clicking a button to make a masterpiece of design inside our online shopping cart software.

Online buying a publication or a bit of furniture, all that is essential to ensure a good come back and refund plan emerges when you get online photos, and the expenses of transport or traditions electric power in foreign countries to buy. These conditions are checked, you can go on and enjoy your purchase.

Another point is the fact that online searching for art work can help uncover what they like art-wise actually, to encourage to buy when they normally not. With online galleries and a straightforward buying process, it’s never been better to explore your taste before you get.

online galleries and art shops make it much easier to narrow down your options, with search functions can help you filtering the portraits, still lifes, scenery, great artwork or a certain kind of art one does or please do not. You could leave with a far more concentrated group of options you can pick.

A final good thing about the technique of shopping for online is the fact you hold the possibility to support small and less popular artists trying to produce a name. Actually, these communal people could find that the general public appreciates their most art work internationally, and they also rely on the web to help them sell their works.

Those that buy paintings online to make their selections at home enjoying the actual fact they are able to donate to musicians and artists who live their interest while they appreciate beautiful artwork in their house. All of these the other reasons mentioned previously and are convincing quarrels why often choose the artwork online, is an excellent investment.

Whenever your baby grows, different rashes might look on your skin. conventional steroid creams doctors prescribe antibiotics and other means. As the mainstream baby often remedies a allergy of rash completely healed, you may considering these eruptions to find organic and natural home remedies. organic and natural home remedies provide you with the security of knowing just what your skin shallow ones, and prevents asking exposed traditional ingredients. You may even cut costs by curing your rash baby at home. Consult your doctor before you heal a home always, such as oil or herbs to put on your baby.

Natural and Organic Home Remedies for Baby Rashes

Cradle cap
Cradle cap can be explained as “a kind of seborrheic dermatitis” which is “a disharmony of infection represent” says Andrea Candee, et al. in the e book “Healing delicate for baby and child.” It really is quite common and can be determined by scaly flakes in a baby’s head. Cradle cover occurs when the sebaceous glands are usually more productive. Sometimes the most effective solution is to simply clean the damaged area daily with water, clean with a tender clean for baby then. You can test mixed in a food processor to a powder 1/3 cup of organic and natural oats and blended with 1/4 cup water. Apply the combination of oats on the head, leave for ten minutes, then clean carefully with normal water. Follow with a few drops of organic and natural essential olive oil on the scalp.

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Eruptions there

Diaper allergy is a common event in a few soils. The rash is discovered as red, irritated skin about the diaper area. Some infants are more susceptible to recurring diaper allergy, but it is brought on by your skin moist usually. Some actions you may take diaper rash are changing the diaper often to avoid and invite time for the infant throughout the day to “air.” To recover diaper allergy, use powdered slippery elm bark organic and natural after shower to keep carefully the skin dry out. If your child for some time to nap or diaper as bedtime, engine oil soothing organic and natural calendula with warm water are mixed on to the floor to calm, to generate security and wetness against dampness hurdle .

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by dried out, itchy, scaly or flaky skin area. Eczema is common in babies and can be brought on by food causes such as milk products or substances in detergents and cleaning soap. It can anywhere happen, but it is available on the facial skin often, legs and arms. Make an effort to eliminate possible food allergies or skin irritation first, Jonny Bowden recommends the ‘Most Effective Natural Cures on the planet. “To get rid of eczema with organic and natural ingredients, make an effort to boil two mugs drinking water and adding a teabag each chamomile and nettle tea. Allow tea cool and apply a mild washcloth to your baby’s epidermis clean. a warm bath tub with 1/2 glass oatmeal organic and natural soil can reduce itching.

Thrush treatment
Thrush can be explained as “an overgrowth of fungus occurring in the mouth area and appearance as white locations in the oral cavity or on the tongue,” says Laura Josephson in “A holistic Commission natural treatments.” Your child may have a mouth area inflamed and were in pain while eating. the fungus can be caused through antibiotics. for children aged 6 to twelve months, try applying 2 c. sugar-free, organic and natural yogurt with probiotics on the oral cavity with your personal finger. a drop of biological or organic and natural garlic oil black walnut extract four times a day can use light thrush.


With all the criticism rendered at his feet, the third season of The Americans has been one of his final confirmation as one of the best dramas of today, some say that the best. The confidence that FX has been shown in it and the creative freedom provided to its creators, Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, is a commitment to a quality product above all, even of the hearings, because their ratings are low even for a cable network. This article contains spoilers for the third season.

We had left open-mouthed after a brutal cliffhanger at the end of the second season (here you can read our critique), in which knew that Central was recruiting the sons of the infiltrators in the directory to convert them into spies of second-generation and Paige would be the next in be recruited. We have already seen how the Jennings spent their missions but have agreed to protect his family from all and the news does not feel anything good. During the season we have seen them discuss among them because while Philip was inflexible, Elizabeth thought that it was something that had to happen at some point.

On the other hand, Stan not yielded to pressures and girl was repatriated to Russia, where he finished in prison, where we are sure that you will get out thanks to his talent as a spy. In the United States, while Oleg Burov and Beeman actor come together to try to bring it back to a Russian dissident suspected that I was doing the role while trying to reach the upper echelons of American shopping. Certainly very interesting to see how they work two enemies by returning to be with the woman you love, even if we never get to know who loves her, always so enigmatic.


As for the theme, the third season of The Americans has revolved around the concept of collateral damage to innocent people. During the entire series, the Jennings had to deceive, seduce, betray and assassinate people who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. This year Philip has shown real problems of conscience with some things he had to do, like having to gain the confidence of a teenager of fifteen years, who got to handle without going to bed with her, or the problems derived from the deception that has submitted to Martha, who was discovered the microphone placed in the pen of the head of the FBI which drift in which in the end know that Clark is not who claims to be.

But if there has been a central theme that has monopolized everyone’s attention is the plot of Paige. During the first part of the season their parents have been arguing about what was best for her daughter, while she ever was more integrated into the Church and deepening relations with pastor Tim, until this encourages her to seek explanations from his parents on their nights out and they tell the truth. We all knew it was going to be hard to assimilate it, but we did not imagine to what extent because during the last two seasons he had symptoms of being a revolutionary person. And so it remains as prepends its values to the safety of his parents and his own family, shopping them to her confessor in a final in chapter shocking and brilliantly executed.

The best adjective that defines The Americans is precisely his brilliance, a story very well led, cooked over heat slow, where what always matters is the how and not you and emotions are put to actions. The characters are the most important in the FX series, it has always been thus. If to this we add you a powerful soundtrack in some sections combined with large assemblies, photograph and address, because it also makes great use of audiovisual language to convey emotions, we have a round product. Finally, I’d like to highlight the work of the actors, who do an invaluable job. All of them are at the height of the circumstances, even the episodic, but especially Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, that give us a show week to week.

As we said at the beginning, The Americans has become a series of those that will be remembered for a long time, while the audience the awards the try as they deserve. Already happened to others such as The Wire and in the end finished at the top of the best series in history. Even I expressed my doubts at the beginning but you have to surrender to the evidence, The Americans is the best that you can see on television.


Today is a special day because we discover new Supercell, Clash Royale game. It is neither more nor less than an online multiplayer, but with touches of games of cards, collections, etc, and is available only in IOS and only in some countries, specifically in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway. The game has to change a lot and will gradually be distributed in these countries. Logically then come to Android and other locations of the world.

What to do in Clah Royale?

The first thing we will do is to open chests, in these chests get letters and gems. Letters are our characters to use in game, will be characters from the universe of Cash of Clans, whether directly characters we know or relatives thereof. Not for having goblins they turn to stealing resources, think that it is a multiplayer and is based on attacking the opponent, in this case the Elves launched Spears.

We will have two decks of departure, Battle Deck and Card Collection. Battle Deck, logically as its name indicates, we will have our letters of battle. Card Collection will be the rest of our characters.

Letters may be improved and so our characters will be stronger, as well as in Clash of Clans. After selecting our Battle Deck cards go to search for a game and play really.

The fight in Clash Royale

Search split we will enter the battle screen, this screen you will see beyond stage divided into two parts. As you observe in the image below we will have one player from the other part looks perfectly differentiated.

As well, the game is also used the pink elixir that we have in a bar to create our troops and attack the enemy, but at the same time we must create troops to defend us from attacks by our opponent.

The truth is that in Clash Royale strategy level will be much higher than in any other game of Supercell and is thus shown in the gameplays that are hanging on YouTube. In this game, it will be important to react quickly, because you no longer think your attack, we will have the amazing clash royale hack tool to be quick to read the attacks of the opponent to defend ourselves and open an opening for attack.

Trailer for Clash Royale

How to download Clash Royale in iOS

As I was writing this article I felt the excitement of having a new good game waiting for me, it was time that did not have it, I hope not to disappoint me when the time comes. By the way, you reported that you can download Clash Royale although neither be in physically in the countries that we mentioned at the beginning. To do this you will have to change the country of your store. We leave a guide we have created so you can make this super easy and fast change: how to download Clash Royale on iTunes.

Global launch of Clash Royale in Android and iOS

I make this small update to this article since many people go to it looking for the exact day of the launch. Are all specified in the following link: global launch of Clash Royale in all countries!


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