Music, who does not like the branch of art on this one? I’m sure you all like it. The combination of unique and interesting from any elements forming the music has been pampering the senses of hearing and our brains so that they can refresh of the fatigue that comes after undergoing daily activities. The elements of musical art are fused and formed the music naturally able to hypnotize the feelings and the human mind. Elements Art Elements Music Go deeper into the understanding of the art of music, basic first we need to know are the elements of the art of music itself. You need to know that, the music consists of 8-forming elements. The elements of music , among other melodies, rhythms, time signatures, scales, harmony, tempo, dynamics, and timbre.


1. Melody The melody is a unified phrase consisting of tones in the order, intervals, high and low order. Among the elements of other musical art, melody considered as an element of the appeal of the music itself. As for generating the melody, the music artists usually use percussion or tuned instrument such as piano, guitar, or bonang.

2. rhythm Cadence (rhythm) is a turn of short length, high-low, and hard soft tones or sounds in a musical sequence. Simply put, the rhythm can be defined as a determinant of beats in the music. The emergence of elements of musical art that is usually caused by a looping sound, a short length of words in a song, or for changing pressures words.

3. bars Bars are elements of musical art form of tap or swing repeatedly that came regularly at the same time. Writing bars are usually written in fractions such as 2/4, 3/4, 2/3, and so on. Figures above the sign “/” (numerator) shows the number of beats, while the figure above the sign “/” (denominator) shows the tonal values in a single tap. Bar that value even called bainar bars, while the denominator is an odd time signatures called ternair bars.

4. Harmony Harmoni is a set of tone when played together into a sound that is good to hear. Harmoni also can be interpreted as a series of chords aligned and played as accompaniment.

5. Ladder Tone Scales are arranged tiered rows of tone and played as an important element in the musical arts performances. There are two types of scales, the diatonic scales and pentatonic scales. Diantonis scales are scales which consists of 7 pieces of tone with two types of distance (1/2 and 1), while the diatonic scales are scales which consists of 5 tones with a certain distance.

6. Time Tempo is a measure of the speed-bar song. The sooner a song is played, the greater the value of the tempo of the song. The elements of musical art that one is classified into eight, namely Largo (Slow Once), Lento (Slower), Adagio (slow), Andante (moderate), Moderato (Average Bit Fast), Allegro (Fast), Vivace (More fast), and Presto (fast once).

7. Dynamic The dynamics are present to play a note with the volume loud or soft. Among the elements of the art of music to another, the dynamics become the most powerful element indicates the feelings contained in a musical composition. The dynamics is important to indicate whether a song has the feel sad, cheerful, aggressive, and flat. The dynamics expressed in the Latin is piano stating soft and forte stating loud.  Dynamics notated in abbreviation as follows f (forte), ff (fotissimo), fff (forte fortissimo), mf (mezzo forte), p (piano), pp (pianissimo), ppp (pianissimo piano), mp (mezzo piano),> (crescendo), and <(decrescendo).

8. Timbre Timbre is the quality of sound or color. These elements of the art of music the presence heavily influenced the sound source and how vibrate. The resulting timbre of wind instruments would be different with the resulting timbre of stringed instruments, although both played in the same vein. Thus the elements of the art of music along with a description and explanation. Hopefully, what we say can be useful for those who need them.

Who does not want to travel with the saving? Everyone would want. If you also want to like it, please read 5 Tips for Traveling With a save to keep it out of the budget that had been planned.

tips traveling

1. Find Travel Resources

In any reviews of attractions, bali to gili islands you will certainly find the cost of transportation to the tourist attractions, entrance fees, tickets for rides as well as culinary and souvenirs. That way you can plan your budget so you can lead your vacation with sparingly-thrifty savers.

2.Plan Cost or Budget

After searching for references, then the budget plan. It is not easy to plan a vacation expenses. You should consider which ones should be issued or purchased and which are not. So, definitely plan it properly so that you can get hung up on the budget when going to buy something unnecessary.

3. Make sure Traveled When Not the Holiday Season

As the holiday season, the ticket price for entering a travel destination certainly rise. To anticipate, you have to choose the day and time. Weekend, red dates and school holidays are the days that you should avoid. Perhaps you could take leave at a specific day to enjoy a holiday with normal prices.

4.Consider Internet Service Available

Travelling does not have to go to a fancy and expensive. In Indonesia itself many attractions that do not even require you to pay admission. You can enjoy the rides and nature provided for free.So, consider it because maybe you travel comfort will not be compromised.

5.BuyPresents Moderation

accessories, clothing, food and snacks are souvenirs you can go home for the family. In this case, usually everyone who traveled to a place always wanted to buy up all the unique souvenirs and snacks. But, for the traveled savers, make sure you only buy the necessary-necessary only. Not too much, because it will reduce the budget that has been prepared beforehand. Hopefully review 5 Tips for Traveling With Saving above can help you plan a frugal travel in any place. Happy holidays and see you.


We will start recalling when Netflix arrived, how did it – that offered us – and where did – to devices-. Already a month ago about when Netflix arrived in our country. He did so with a promotion of a month of testing, and another joint with Vodafone that offers six months of free use, depending on the rate to which the user is welcome. Both promotions are subject to a subscription that we must cancel before the end of this period, otherwise proceed to the automatic renewal and the payment of the monthly payment of the subscribed package. There are three packages that Netflix arrived to our country under the arm. We remember them:

  • € 7.99: with quality SD and a device in use.
  • €9,99: HD quality and simultaneous playback on two devices.
  • €11.99: quality 4K and four devices simultaneous playback.

Netflix also became quite a few platforms, since the web version until the recent Apple Tv, including the iPad, multimedia consumption par excellence of Apple device. In its day, we saw as running this app in this device a month ago.

We have already seen data entry of Netflix, who knew the same day that I came to Spain. After the month of testing it was time to decide. It is worth a Netflix subscription?, really brings things to the competition not?, price conforms to what really offers?. We will see that it makes a difference, points in favour, against and if you really can Netflix mean a before and an after in the form of watching movies and TV shows in our devices.


The operation of Netflix, is very similar to Yomvi-style apps – except that it has no playback channels-live. It presents a lot of series and films, some exclusive – drug traffickers, Daredevil or the newly built-in Jessica Jones of Marvel – of which you can enjoy from any of our devices.


One of the most important features and that it does not go unnoticed in the perfect organization of their titles in different categories. Key finding of our series or film, but even more so, when it comes to knowing new titles. Since the start of the application, already we are the categories as a list where you can see thumbnails of some of the most important titles in that category. Simple, but very practical.

Another feature that greatly improves the user experience, – and unfortunately do not have in common apps of this style – is the way to save the minute in which we stayed each chapter or movie and show it in the same main list. So when we open it, we will continue by the same minute where we left it.

In terms of quality, as all online content, it depends on the connection that we have. Usually the Netflix experience, definition of the image with respect, with Wi-Fi has been good. Starts the content somewhat pixelated, but after the time is set to enjoy the contracted quality.


The Netflix interface is just perfect. Anyone can find your series or movie, continue which was watching, or find new titles from the main menu that appears to us with just open the application on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV or the web on Macs.

Everything to everyone, gives equal what you pay. All titles are available for all subscription packages. Price only depending on the quality you choose and the simultaneous devices that you want to have.

The price. Perhaps now no, but it is likely that as time passes, Netflix will influence dramatically the piracy of films and series. It is one price affordable for titles offered, the quality with which transmits and the variety of devices that support it.


The charging time. Not the content, but quality. Content uploaded quickly, on the other hand the quality does not. The video load pixel until it ends to the contracted quality. If we begin to see the film or series can be this time to occupy the passage of the opening credits, on the other hand, if we continue a reproduction can be somewhat annoying.

The lack of premium movie. This is one of the laves why the Netflix price is lower. By not having films newly released on DVD or Blu-Ray format. For example, Yomvi if you have that content – if you have subscribed – to see movies recently put on sale. To dispose of the Netflix will need to wait a while.

The great failure, the difference in content. The contents of Netflix in Spain offers 700% less than the United States. Is true that takes a month in our country, still catalog is very short compared to other countries that doubled as a minimum supply of Spain in his debut.


Netflix has reached Spain, with few titles input with regard to other countries, but the way that has arrived – design, operation and support for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Tv among other devices – has surprised the majority of users including myself. The entry price is also a big incentive to subscribe, the only question that may arise is that package contract. Best of all, is that of the three negative points mentioned above, Netflix has in his hand the possibility of improving two – both the load time of the contracted quality and content-, and that correct them, Netflix could get at least stagger the piracy of films and series both in our country and in the rest of the world.

Dragon City Breeding

Comes from the Social Point a news directly on Facebook where we will have to raise our custom Dragon.

These are Dragon City, really fun game experience where we can choose our favorite creature, care, allenarna and then make her fight against the Dragons of our friends. Dragon City looks a bit like the game of Pokemon black and white and in addition to breed our creatures we need to create a Kingdom of magical Islands that will serve as habitat to Davidson.

We create well 150 versions and different styles of these cute mythological animals. At the beginning of the game we will start with a tutorial that will introduce us briefly to the game.

We will then start with the building of basic facilities for the ideal habitat of our creatures and leave immediately with useful crops for food. We have earlier only three types of Dragon, to the land of fire and water; going on with the game we will hear of other types.

In the early stages of the game we have to pass this to grow our best Dragon quest, how to build structures and more. At level 10 we’ll begin fighting and lead the dragons in arenas. The combat phase and the combat related in PvP, you can every six hours, but there is a risk of losing our dragon.

In Dragon City we can also decide to cross their breeds of dragons to create unlikely hybrids from unpredictable skills. We will take care of the eggs of small and ensure our dragons everything you need in order to survive the best even under the most adverse conditions.

Manage our dragons will not always be an easy task, if you like games of combat and management I recommend Dragon City. The graphics very pretty and colorful! If you want to try Dragon City go on Facebook and you must try the dragon city hack tool to generate more resources for free. Happy gaming to all! Here I am attaching a nice trailer!


Are they approach Christmas and therefore becomes the epoch in which the spirit of Christmas is more present than ever. And is that you one of the sites where you can more enjoy this environment is in theater and musicals, as many are works that addressed this issue during the month of December.

But as often happens, in the cultural field always find the impediment of the high costs for inputs – happens in film, happens in the theater, in musicals and pass in almost any show, luckily always there are solutions. And it is that if we are smart we can find special deals and discounts for this type of events in many cities of Spain.

To find these deals is not very difficult, nowadays there are hundreds of pages that gather discounts, coupons and tickets for theaters and musical offerings. For example with Groupalia in MasCupon discounts we have many events at half price. And if we go to the Groupon in MasCupon some reach 90% discount, which leaves us no reason to not enjoy an evening at the theater or enjoying a musical.

I personally would recommend see a musical or play that you haven’t been talking never, or very little, to enjoy it to the fullest, without knowing what will be the next Act. And it is, undoubtedly the Christmas spirit and emotion make Act of presence.

And you usually go to musicals or plays?, what are you going to go for Christmas?, recalls that in the company always will enjoy more.


Update of Destiny is already with us from a few weeks ago, and with it have come new Presidios of elders to complete that we will reward weapons and armor of 335 points of light. The first boss of this week is the Minotauro Centromental, the second Sylok the Profanado, and the last is Noru’usk, servant of Oryx, which I teach today to defeat:

First shoot missiles. As it happens with all the Centurions Cabal, Noru’usk fire missile remote control continuously, that we be pursued by the sand, coming even behind the coverage. Is true that we can dodge the missile at the last moment, but will not come only one, so the thing can be very ugly if we chose Dodge them. Before focusing on shooting at the Cabal, it is best to remove Middle happy projectiles when we thread to not take any scare.

Go to one of the corners of the map. Unlike what happens with Val Aru’ a, is a very bad idea to stay still in the coverage that there is nothing else out of the sluice. The reason is, precisely, the previous point; the missiles continuously releasing Noru’usk. If we were following the coverage, the missiles we pursued and we find them in the face, so it will suffice to pass around some psionic that end up dead. The best thing is to settle in one of the corners of the map, whether that is on the left or which is further to the right, to have enough clearance to remove Middle missiles.

Assign the role of “cleaner” to a member of the squad. By this we mean that one of us should be continuously delete the map to the role which pass through there, as well as the Cabal that accompany them. It is also very important that “cleaner” to deal with the missing missiles that the other two don’t have in his line of fire so no one ends up killed. The other two members of the squad will be responsible for maintaining continuous damage to Noru’usk, is in their fields of vision, clear.

Remember that in Aluna Games we have guides that can not resist you no activity of Destiny, ranging from how to beat the Minotaur centromental, how to beat Sylok the Profanado, how to beat the pilot servant, how to beat Val Aru’ a, how to beat the seditious minds, how to beat Keksis the betrayed, how to beat the miserable gentleman, how to get owned shotgun How to get the sword Mascatemores and how to get the Velumbra Hummingbird to how fast climb to level 335.

Do you know anyone who spends their free time dedicated to their arts and crafts projects, and wonder about it? You are now in the right place. The article below can help you learn about how fun arts and crafts are as a hobby.

Have you been seeking a new place to find art supplies? Many online retailers offer such supplies at incredible prices. Whatever you’re looking for, simply do a quick search online and you’ll find great discounts. You could even be lucky enough to receive free shipping of your purchases.

arts and crafts

If you’re doing projects that might make a mess, use newspaper on your surfaces to make sure you have no damage. Simply throw the paper away after you’re finished for a quick and easy clean up.

There is no supply which can’t be used in crafts. Paper products that would otherwise be thrown away make great supplies. Empty rolls for toilet paper or paper towels work, too. You might also incorporate magazines and newspapers. Take your throwaways and come up with creative ways to incorporate them into your projects.

Don’t be too overbearing when children are working on their crafts. The whole point of getting them involved is to let them express their creativity. Don’t continually point out the wrongs that they are doing.

If it is hard to locate craft supplies at the price you want to pay, check out secondhand stores. Different thrift stores and other shops can provide you with many great things. Check in frequently as items come in every day.

Before you read this, you may have wondered why so many people enjoy doing arts and crafts. Now you should know more about this hobby and be ready to have fun. Use this advice to start doing crafts, but remember to have a good time.

iPad sales have grown immensely over the last several years for a reason. It has a myriad of features, is great fun to play games on, and makes a lot of things easier. If you want to get the most out of your iPad, you’ll want to learn how to use all the features available. In this article, you will find awesome tips for iPad.

Did you know that you can create folders on your iPad? To utilize this feature, tap the app you want to until it begins to shake, then drag it where you want to drop it. This creates a folder with both apps inside. Also, you can rename the folder to increase your level of personalization.

tips for ipad

Soft reset your iPad if it freezes. This is done by holding your power button and your home button down at the same time for a few seconds. Doing this properly will restart the device. Hold the home button down for several seconds to force-close an app.

If WiFi join notifications annoy you, simply get rid of them. You will find an option that says to ask if you want to join networks. Pick that option, and you will not see notifications any longer.

A great way to keep pages open is to open new pages in a new tab. When in Safari, tap and hold a URL to see a popup menu. You can choose to see the link in a second tab this way.

Would you rather use something other than Google for a default search engine? In the Settings menu, pick Safari, then Search Engine. Now you can choose Bing or Yahoo as your default search engine. You can always change it back the same way.

The features of the iPad have played a major role in it’s success. If you want to become an iPad expert, put the information in this article to use. Have a great day and lots of fun using the iPad!

Yes, spring is probably outdated costumes melody, percussion, movement / development as well. Many anthropologists and ethnomusicologists confidence that the first efforts of the people who came to what we call music now through its efforts to copy the movements of nature. The wind in the pines and palm trees, the lapping of waves on the shore, Babbling currents, and operates from the rain. Then there’s the charming melodies feathered creatures Twitter crickets and most of the cicadas.

Rituals of spring antiquated with music and rhythm








Recently, I asked myself, in late spring Super-Excellence and a couple of small lumps save the time of the year to come! Flowers and trees in Louisville, Kentucky, in fact, if you beat them this year and every time I venture out of my house, my breath taken beautiful white Bradford pear, Forsythia bright and beautiful tulips daffodils. I assume that these plants have been published hundreds, even thousands of years, but he says that music, singing, movement and rhythm are also an integral part of our holidays?

For many years, people have praised the arrival of spring. After a harsh winter, and barbarians, in ancient times, many people could not and would not survive. With the basic green leaves, and the main place of Robin, it is easy to imagine that they were very happy. How could they have a warrant? We know from the people hub outdated structures of the basement playing drums, horns, sing and play! We can imagine this was done either alone or in addition to small meetings and conferences … more or less right now! Notable among the most famous piece of music of Western social structures in the twentieth century, “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky. Legend has it that people cacophony sythesis were so angry, in fact, increases in the exhibition hall on the night! Obviously, the “Rite of Spring” is now part of the first collection of entertainment.

A remarkable spring under the archaic images of eggs, probably one of the reasons why the Easter Bunny brings delightful animated egg! Legend has it that after the arrival of the spring equinox, the place from 19 to 21 March, is the most important day of the year that eggs can stand on end! This, of course, is untrue.

In addition, according to legend, Phoenix won the eternal life known as the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden dining debris. Periodically flying creature has to do with herbs at home and aromas, he stood over her, and sat down at the fire. After the flame is extinguished, down from Phoenix Egg is located in the ruins of the fire. The egg hatches, and Phoenix revived developed. Whatever happens in the spring, you should use “music as an integral part of it! Our legends

Dr. Alice H. money clinical musicologist, who gave much of his reputation, to explore the social protection and health repaired the power of music and professional shows and patients about the use of music,

If you scan these immaculate start in a long hairstyle, praised short haircut or hairstyle medium your articles, you must first select the shape of the face, if you like the hair, and of course, its own particular identity. If you just go through the face of the state and see your own identity, you can not extraordinary, can be satisfied.

Picking Hairstyles According to your Face Shape and Personality








Round, square, heart, triangular face shape oval main A, rectangular or oval gemstone and integrated. To find out what your face shape, you should start on the point of his high cheekbones to measure your face, the whole point of the crossing point of all possible limits of its zero jaw line in front of his temple, it is measured, and the last time when the measure Bake in her hair. Any suggestion to go, remember to find out.

These estimates, you need to be able to say with your face shape. Now to decide what hairstyle looks best with your face shape.

An oval face, you can, braided hairstyles for black girls for all practical purposes, hairstyles long haircuts and medium hairstyles too small to carry all hair done. At the moment there is no place to display their identity in hair pied.coupes shots that air about them Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Mariah Carey meets the super control the border.

as the event rectangular or oval face as your own the most logical choice would be short hairstyles or medium haircuts. Displays a light and soft look to your face explosions. Rectangular face with big names Kirstie Alley, Stephanie Seymour and Janet Jackson take over.

short hair, a round face, a cut above the surface in the opposite direction, the width and height are the crown fully. Kate Winslet, Christina Ricci, and Drew Barrymore all have round faces and hairstyles with a variety of exceptional performance.

Square face shapes should wear short hairstyles to medium hairstyles and just long avoid haircuts. integrated cuboid face with big names Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and Holly Marie Combs.

Symptoms of tees are heart-shaped or jaw length or long hairstyles and short hairstyles should be obtained strategic distance. Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucy Lawless, and Claudia Schiffer all have a place in the top club face shape.

If it upside down in a triangular shape face, the face in the form of heart the warning. You should wear short hairstyles. Kathy Ireland is an exceptional case of VIP opposite triangle formation.

Gems as simple as a face shape is oval. Hairstyles short, can wear medium hairstyles and long hairstyles and completely innocent. In the case of a friend of the superstar, for example, Sophia Loren, Katherine Hepburn, and Linda Evangelista.


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